UX@School Handbook – first release

The first draft of the UX@School Handbook was produced in English version.

The Handbook is the first project result and is designed for secondary school teachers and educators working in secondary schools, providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively create learning scenarios with a high level of accessibility, inclusivity, effectiveness, and engagement.

The Handbook is structured into distinct chapters as the following:

1. From the Student-Centred Approach to the UX Design: This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles of a Student-Centred Approach and how UX Design can be applied in educational settings.

2. The UX@School approach: This chapter explains how to effectively use the UX@School Online Tracking System and the UX@School MOOC within educational contexts.

3. Guidelines, tools, and resources for getting the students’ perceptions: This chapter offers practical guidance on how to get students’ perceptions and feedback, facilitating effective learning processes.

4. School strategy based on UX Design principles: Tailored to educators’ needs, this chapter presents tools and templates for planning a school strategy based on UX Design principles.

5. Tools for improving accessibility, effectiveness, and engagement of digital education materials: This chapter introduces various online tools designed to enhance the accessibility, effectiveness, and engagement of digital education materials.

You can check out the English version using this link. Translated versions in the partnership languages will also be released shortly.

Enjoy the reading!!

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