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The UX for Teachers Erasmus project was a collaborative initiative that had been developed by Learnable, Akoe, and Budakov Films. The project aimed to strengthen the role of secondary school teachers in designing student-centered digital environments, activities, and materials.

The project leveraged the potential of User Experience (UX) design methodology to enhance the engagement and effectiveness of distance learning resources that were uploaded to online platforms. TResutl was a powerful assessment tool designed to provide new digital skills and competences for secondary school teachers. It allows them to assess and enhance their digital materials, activities, and environments. The tool takes into consideration factors such as accessibility, inclusivity, effectiveness, and engagement levels¹.

The tool also enables teachers to self-assess their digital competence and confidence, and to receive feedback about their strengths and areas where they could improve. Teams of teachers can also work together to use the tool and develop a training plan.

The project uses the PEAT framework, which stands for Pedagogical, Ethical, Attitudinal, and Technological components. These components provide the structure for a survey tool on teachers’ digital competence.

In terms of UX analysis, the tool seems to be designed with a focus on user-centered design principles, aiming to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for teachers. However, without specific user feedback or detailed usability testing results, it’s hard to provide a comprehensive UX analysis. It would be beneficial to gather user feedback and conduct usability tests to identify potential areas of improvement.

The project was coordinated by the Italian partners “Learnable” and had a duration of 12 months. All information and results generated by the project were posted on the project’s website.

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